Friday, November 15, 2013

It's A Beautiful Day Today

Life is FULL of surprises each and every day. You just got to know where to look for them I guess. Sometimes we can just wake up and know that this day is going to be "Awesome." I walked out my front door this morning to a bright and sunny day. Leaves were falling off the tree and an old familiar breeze was in the air. It was the breeze of an autumn day. The days I remember as a child. It just opened my mind to memories of the past. Good memories!

 It's been such a long time since I've had a good memory that this one came as a surprise and it was wonderful. Instant smile on my face as I remember playing in the leaves as a kid. Laughing, kicking leaves all over the place. I couldn't stop now. I had to kick leaves! I'm 50 years old and I'm outside kicking leaves. Did I care? No way!! There's nothing wrong with that inner child coming out of you in the midst of the storms we face as an adult. I think sometimes it's a gift from God. A distraction of everyday life and the struggles we face.

Whatever it was, it restored my soul just a little bit. It picked up a piece of this broken heart and placed it where it should be. Little by little, I'm healing. Little by little, I'm gaining strength. As long as I move forward, I will continue to heal. Moving backwards is not an option anymore. It's gone, history, See ya, and goodbye!

So to celebrate falling leaves everywhere, let me share some of my handmade leaves and what I created with the leaves in mind. The leaves I used in the bracelet below were Czech beads. I want to make another one using mine but this is the idea at least.
Now don't those make you smile?
You can find those on my etsy store if you click here.

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